What if I contract Valley Fever while at work?

• Many people in Kern County have contracted Valley Fever while working and may not even know it. Industries that are commonly exposed to the fungus including agriculture, construction, law enforcement, fire safety, oil and gas, engineering, and more. Unfortunately, any industry that requires its employees to be outdoors in the Central Valley, exposing workers to dusty and windy conditions, may be exposing them to Valley Fever.

• Valley Fever contracted while working may be subject to Workers’ Compensation benefits, which may include temporary disability, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, permanent disability, and benefits for surviving dependents in the event of death.

• Click here to learn more about Valley Fever, whose most at risk, what you can do to prevent the spread, and what to do if you or your loved ones are affected.

• If you or someone you know is injured at work or becomes ill due to work conditions, please contact the personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Chain | Cohn | Stiles.