Taft Oilfield Accident Lawyers

Taft Oilfield Accident LawyersThe Taft oilfield accident lawyers at our firm are some of the best in the business. If you recently sustained an oilfield injury, there are two important things to know. First, you may be entitled to much more money than what your employer’s insurance company will be offering you. Second, you need the help of an experienced legal professional to maximize your settlement and protect you from further financial problems. For more information regarding oilfield accidents, click HERE.

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What Are Some Common Taft Oilfield Cases?

Many cases are related to injuries stemming from OSHA regulation violations. OSHA has a strict set of standards in place to protect workers. As every oilfield worker knows, the job is dangerous even with the best standards in place. However, an OSHA regulation violation can result in excessive exposure to toxic chemicals, burns, brain injuries, joint injuries, dismemberment, eye injuries, hearing loss and much more. Our Taft oilfield accident lawyers can help you if you sustained an injury on the job. If you have a loved one who died from an oilfield injury, our attorneys can help.

Why Do I Need Oilfield Accident Lawyers In Taft?

Only an experienced attorney can help you get the medical care and compensation needed to continue with your life. Some injuries leave people with a partial or full permanent disability. When this happens, you need money to replace lost income, retrain for a new career and pay your future medical bills. Insurance companies try to avoid Taft oilfield cases in court by offering you a minimal direct settlement. Our team of hardworking oilfield accident lawyers in Taft can help you get the money you need and deserve. Get in touch with our legal experts by visiting us at 1731 Chester Avenue, Suite 101, Bakersfield, CA 93301 or giving us a call at (661) 616-9830 straight away for a complimentary consultation.

How Does A Taft Oilfield Accident Lawsuit Work?

The first part of the process involves a short intake. We gather information about you, your employer, your injury and the accident. As the case progresses, we contact you whenever we have additional questions. Our Taft oilfield accident attorneys handle the paperwork, filings and negotiations on your behalf. We have experience in working with oilfield cases, employers and insurance companies. Our attorneys take all of your injuries into account. For example, exposure to toxic chemicals could have left you with a brain injury and broken bones if you passed out and fell afterward. Although the process takes time, we fight hard to help you achieve the best outcome. For a free consultation, contact our Taft oilfield accident attorneys today.

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