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Delano Workers Compensation LawyersIf you recently suffered from a work related injury, a Delano workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get the money you need. Although most people think that they can only receive a workers’ compensation settlement if the employer is at fault for the injury, this is not true. For example, if you were hurt on the job in construction and the employer is not at fault, you may still be entitled to compensation. At Chain | Cohn | Stiles, an experienced Delano worker’s compensation attorney can explain how the strict liability system works for such accidents and can help you get the money you need.

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We Can Help Your Receive Replacement Of Lost Wages And More

It is important to hire a Delano workman’s comp lawyer as quickly after your injury as possible. If your injury led to a permanent disability, you will need more medical care, replacement of lost wages and possibly even educational and vocational training. Not all medical care related to a permanent disability is completely covered by insurance companies. Suppose you cannot work and lose your job. You may lose your insurance and have to pay medical expenses out of pocket.

We Can Help With Your Worker’s Compensation Settlement

Replacement of lost wages will suffice for paying accrued bills. However, you must think about what you will do for future income. If you cannot work, a worker’s compensation settlement that leaves you enough money to live on for the rest of your life should be your goal. Government disability income will be insufficient. You may also receive funds for educational and vocational training for a field that is gainful and feasible to enter with your disability. If you would like to learn more about workers’ compensation law, then click HERE.

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Do not try to work with your employer alone if you were hurt on the job or suffered a work related injury. The settlement offers will not be sufficient to cover your future expenses. You need a knowledgeable Delano workers’ compensation lawyer who understands what you are going through and who can help you get the money you deserve. At Chain | Cohn | Stiles, we assure you that a Delano workman’s comp lawyer from our firm will handle all of the negotiating, paperwork and communication.

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